Spring is just around the corner

April showers bring May flowers… and that means Spring is almost here! As Spring approaches, you have an intense need to clean and organize your home, take care to spend quality time with family and friends, and treat yourself well. Here at Pennie’s Tea, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of a life well lived. Here are few tips to keep you in the best shape to enjoy the warmer weather with your family and friends:

Spring Cleaning Tips
· Make sure you clean from top to bottom. Don’t forget to tackle lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, as well as the baseboards and floors.
· Clean your dishwasher and washing machine as well. Use specialty cleaners on these heavy duty machines.
· While you are washing your bedding, you should take the time to care for your mattress. Use the vacuum to clean the crevices of the mattress and spot clean any stains. Lastly, sanitize with a disinfectant spray.

Balancing Family & Friends
· Take advantage of spring break vacations exploration fun with the kids. Whether you are at home or traveling, be sure to balance fun with a cool educational experience. Believe me, they will remember these family fun times forever.
· Start a club with friends. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with your friends discussing books, current events or other interesting topics. Take the time to catch up with family friends over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Your Best Body
· Spring clean your body with healthy detoxing. Drink plenty of water for proper hydration. Drinking water or tea before, after or during your workout can help to control calories.
o We recommend our Instant Colonic Tea. This is the ultimate tea blend, created through our Tea Science. Losing and maintaining weight can be challenging, suffering from IBS and constipation can be rough, and a buildup of toxins and waste can only further damage your health. Rejuvenate your body and reduce your belly bloat with our Instant Colonic Tea. The Instant Colonic Tea is a 5-day detox program that helps you achieve your best body. Plus, this tea is delicious hot or cold.

· Meditate daily. Find what meditation techniques works best for you to center yourself and maintain focus. Mediation helps with your nervous system by lowering your blood pressure, improving blood circulation, reducing anxiety and providing deeper relaxation.
· While exercising, remember to move from your waist and twist from your bottom rib up while keeping hips still. Tighten up throughout each move. Exhale deeply to help strengthen your abs and protect your lower back.