Pennie’s Ginger Peach Blast Tea

Pennie’s Ginger Peach Blast Tea


Ginger Peach Blast is a Signature Tea from Pennie’s Tea. This tea is loaded with health benefits. From sweet notes of apricot and orange and a touch of ginger this is our customer’s favorite.  The natural sweetness flavoring makes this one of our best iced tea. Fan favorite.

Ginger Peach Blast health benefits:
• Reduces joint and muscle pain
• Stimulates the heart and circulatory systems
• Protects the liver and stomach
• Relieves heartburn and fever
• Helps with bowel disorders and gas relief
• Flights inflammation caused by circulatory problems and arthritis
• Improves brain function
• Increases fat burning and improves physical performance
• Lowers the risk for cancer
• Kills Bacteria


Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Ginger Roots, Peach Flavor
Brewing Recommendation: Steep 3-5 minutes.
* 2oz  Pouch

Ginger is native to Asia and is the flowering plant of the Zingiberaceae family. Its root, or stem, adds flavor to many types of cuisine, but is also an ancient herbal remedy for a host of ailments. Drinking ginger tea may help with everything from motion sickness to cancer prevention.

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