Pennie’s English Breakfast Black Tea

Pennie’s English Breakfast Black Tea


Wonderful delicious this tea is a great English breakfast cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day. This gourmet tea has a full body and is richly robust. This is a perfect breakfast tea that can be enjoyed with milk and sugar. This tea is admired all over the world. Become a believer. Read more below.


Ingredients: Black Tea
Brewing Recommendations: Steep 3-7 minutes.

The benefits of English breakfast tea (and all black tea varieties) are plentiful. Black tea contains a substantial amount of potassium, an electrolyte thought to increase energy and improve hydration. Studies have shown that potassium may reduce blood pressure. Black tea leaves also have a moderate level of manganese, a nutrient known to improve the density of the bones. When combined with vitamin E, the natural substance may help to regulate the body’s metabolism, and can also help modulate the body’s blood sugar level.

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