Pennie’s Echinacea Tea

Pennie’s Echinacea Tea


This tea can help with common cold and boost the immune system. You can read more about this tea below just scroll down.

  • Size: 2oz.


Pennie’s Echinacea Tea

Pennie’s Echinacea Tea supports the immune system and helps with the common cold.

Echinacea is a perennial plant commonly grown in North America and Europe and closely related to sunflower, daisy, and ragweed. Echinacea is a popular remedy for colds, flu, and other infections, as it is thought to help boost your immunity.
People believe that echinacea tea can alleviate pain, prevent cancer, improve mental health, and relieve skin problems.
Echinacea has a long history of being used as an herbal treatment. American Indians were known to have used the treatment for a wide range of ailments before western settlers began using it in the 1800s. Because it has a long history of use, researchers have been studying the herb for decades.
It also indicated that taking echinacea may even reduce complications associated with respiratory infections.

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