Loose Leaf Tea

  • This tea infusion immediately produces the bright, sweet aromas of fresh apricots. Enjoy it over ice on a hot summer day or warm it up and take it in a to-go cup during a cold brisk day. Delicious apricot flavored tea will soothe your soul. The natural sweetness flavoring makes this one of our best iced tea. This is a must try tea.
  • At Ease Wellness Tea blend from Pennie’s Tea was design to help aid with PMS, Monthly Cycle, Menopause. This special blend was created with women in mind to help relieve discomfort. If you are looking for Ease try At Ease.
  • Berry Chamomile is a stunning herbal blend of chamomile tossed with wonderful flavors with a berry blend. This tea has a soothing therapeutic effect with berry flavor and will leave you in a state of relaxation.
  • The finest quality black tea leaves, superbly blended with currants. Black Currant has many culinary uses because its astringent nature brings out the flavor. This exquisite tea will wake up your taste buds and enhance the flavor of this gourmet black tea. Relax& Enjoy!
  • (Caffeine Free) Combines caramel with strawberry and lemon character to create a tasty sensation.
  • (Caffeine Free) Lively, bright and full of energy. A ‘catch me if you can’ and run fruit flavor.
  • Sencha is one of Japan's most popular and beloved teas made with green tea, rose petals and cherries. This tea is very tasty and one of Japanese favorites. You can drink this tea all day it's low in caffeine, Deeply relaxing and uplifting, and simply delicious, Cherry Rose Sencha Green tea is a wonderful import from Japan.
  • Tea leaves are hand rolled into pearls that release a rich and smooth sweet floral flavor. A refreshing peach and watermelon notes all rolled into a neat ball. Superb green tea a sweet summer finish and can be enjoyed on a hot summer day or a warm fireplace.
  • The Chocolate Mint Flavored Black Tea blend from Pennie’s Tea is the excellent paring of chocolate and mint. Fresh lovely mint combined with full flavored chocolate tea that is wonderfully reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. How decadent! Chocolate lover’s guilt-free indulgence.
  • Darjeeling teas have the most precious qualities of the world. This tea is known as the champagne of teas. So raise your glass and enjoy this tea in the afternoon. Darjeeling tea is lively and has an abundance of flavor and high floral aromatics. Order the Darjeeling Tea today, and become a believer why so many people consider it among the finest in the world!
  • An excellent first flush Oolong with true Darjeeling flavor and great taste. A must-try.
  • Dream Wellness Tea blend from Pennie’s Tea was designed help aid in reducing stress. This special blend was created to help take the edge off and reduce that buildup of tension. This tea will can sooth away your troubles and leave you feeling relax and calm. Try Dream today.
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