Green Tea

  • MatchaOur Matcha Green Tea powder is made with premium Matcha. This tea is a Japanese tradition. It is the star of the centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony, and its pleasant taste and health benefits make it a favorite of many tea-lovers today. The green tea plants for matcha are shade grown for about 3 weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed in processing. Shaded growth produces more theanine and chlorophyll. Deliciously vegetative and a must try. 1.5oz
  • Golden Monkey Black Tea is a high quality black tea with beautiful golden leaves. It is golden amber in color with a hint of smoke and honey flavor. This is a well-made tea with a unique flavor & wonderful sweet taste. This legendary top Chinese tea is the finest black tea from the Fujian province.
  • Tea leaves are hand rolled into pearls that release a rich and smooth sweet floral flavor. A refreshing peach and watermelon notes all rolled into a neat ball. Superb green tea a sweet summer finish and can be enjoyed on a hot summer day or a warm fireplace.
  • This White Ginger Peach Tea is a customer's dream. The natural sweet peach notes with sumptuous orange and ginger root. A must have tea enjoy hot or cold!
  • Ginger Peach Blast is a Signature Tea from Pennie’s Tea. This tea is loaded with health benefits. From sweet notes of apricot and orange and a touch of ginger this is our customer’s favorite.  The natural sweetness flavoring makes this one of our best iced tea. Fan favorite. Ginger Peach Blast health benefits: • Reduces joint and muscle pain • Stimulates the heart and circulatory systems • Protects the liver and stomach • Relieves heartburn and fever • Helps with bowel disorders and gas relief • Flights inflammation caused by circulatory problems and arthritis • Improves brain function • Increases fat burning and improves physical performance • Lowers the risk for cancer • Kills Bacteria
  • Clouds and Mist organic green tea speaks volume with its alone. Nestled in the Tian Mu mountains lies a pristine tea garden that lovingly creates this outstanding organic tea. Long wiry stylish leaf starts with a pleasant astringent note and finishes with hints of peach. It has a dark green, small, fresh leaf which brews a green liquor that with very high fragrance tasty. A great tea value.
  • Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavor this handcrafted pearl is rolled into a set of two tender leaves and a bud a heavenly jasmine character which have been placed in the company of fresh jasmine blossoms. The jasmine plant is grown at high elevations in the mountains. Jasmine tea produced in the Chinese province of Fujian has the best reputation. This tea is simply delicious with the scent of Jasmine in the air. You will enjoy.
  • Premium green tea with a floral and astringent finish with Lavender notes of sweet grass, moss and honey leading to a finish sprinkled with peach and floral tones creating a tea for memories. The cup is exemplary with notes Brews to pale green/yellow liquor that tastes quite smooth and offers a delicate lavender fragrance and flavor. This can be enjoyed all day.
  • Relax & Digest Wellness Tea blend from Pennie’s Tea was designed to keep you calm. This special blend will provide a tranquility feeling that will keep you easygoing all day. With the fresh aromas of peppermint you will embrace calmness. Let’s Relax & Digest try it today.
  • Green Tea provides the richest health benefits of all tea. It is the most potent, retaining more vitamins and minerals than other teas. Green tea is cooling and cleansing, with low amounts of caffeine, and is rich in vitamins A, B2, C, D, and ,E and flavonoids. With every cup your will receive great health benefits. This tea is admired all over the world. Become a believer.
  • Sencha is one of Japan's most popular and beloved teas made with green tea, rose petals and cherries. This tea is very tasty and one of Japanese favorites. You can drink this tea all day it's low in caffeine, Deeply relaxing and uplifting, and simply delicious, Cherry Rose Sencha Green tea is a wonderful import from Japan.
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