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    The Instant Colonic Tea blend from Pennie’s Detox Tea is the excellent paring of herbs and mint.

    This tea is the blend of all tea blends. This lovely loose tea was design with you in mind. Losing weight can be challenging, suffering from IBS and constipation can be rough, and a build up of toxins and waste can only further damage your health. Read more about Pennies Detox Leaf Tea below scroll down.    
  • Our beautiful crafted tea pot is made of Borosilicate Glass. You can watch the lovely process of your tea unfolding right before your eyes. It comes with a stainless steel infuser insert for holding loose teas. * Borosilicate Glass is a strong heat proof glass * Stainless Steel Infuser Insert * Dishwasher safe * Do not use on Stove Top * Clear Glass
  • Golden Monkey Black Tea is a high quality black tea with beautiful golden leaves. It is golden amber in color with a hint of smoke and honey flavor. This is a well-made tea with a unique flavor & wonderful sweet taste. This legendary top Chinese tea is the finest black tea from the Fujian province.
  • Winter Berries Tea from Pennie’s Tea is a special blend. The aroma is sweet and the taste is mild and succulent. The fresh aroma of berries float in the air and you will enjoy every sip. This is a must have treat and one of our best sellers.
  • (Caffeine Free) Combines caramel with strawberry and lemon character to create a tasty sensation.
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