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Having mastered the art of creating custom blends, we venture into each day aspiring to share amazingly delicious tea that relaxes and enriches while arousing the taste buds with each sip.

Pennie’s Tea offers a selection of tea-brewing equipment and other remarkable products that loyal customers enjoy as perfect complements to the more than 50 blends of premium teas offered. Flavors like Island Berry, Strawberry Kisses and Ginger Peach Blast such teas will assist in fighting cholesterol, preventing cell damage and reducing inflammation and joint pain and weight loss.

Our Mission is to provide teas that are healthy and delicious and that are distinct in taste to help promote fit and healthier lifestyles.

Pennie is an educator, a tea sommelier and health professional with a Master’s Degree in Health and entrepreneur who doesn’t mind sharing the secrets of better health and vitality. My message of custom blend tasty teas overflowing with health benefits has been well received by my audience that spans across the country.

Pennie is a survivor of domestic violence and needed to rebuild her confidence and independence. My experiences have fueled a true passion in me for helping and healing others. Pennie’s Tea social impact to is help other women of domestic violence find their strength and passion.

“My message is in my tea. It encourages people to explore and embrace a delicious holistic approach to health and wellness … healing and repairing from the inside out.

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