March has been a phenomenal month for Pennie’s Tea! We are constantly expanding and making more products available to our customers, most recently participating in the 3rd Annual Shop & Tip Expo in Matteson, IL at the Holiday Inn Convention Center.

We were able to reach new demographics while showing everyone there why Pennie’s Tea is product name you must have sitting on your counter in your kitchen or on your desk at work.

We’ve received some great reviews from our customers telling us how great our products are and the mental and health benefits they’ve experienced from partaking. One we’d like to feature for this week is the Love Your Life Tea.

The Love Your Life Tea contains licorice, yerba, dandelion rot, yellow dock, nettles and rosemary. As with all of our other products, this combination of herbs has helped a number of customer with health conditions, whether the common cold or anxiety.

According to Fitness Magazine, a study conducted of more than 40,000 adults found that people who drank five or more cups of green tea had a 31 percent lower risk of death from heart disease than those drank less than one. Although it may be a bit much to drink five or more cups of green tea per day, I’m sure our readers would agree that they’d prefer this over the alternative.

Enjoy your week! And don’t forget to visit our shop to buy your favorite product for product.