With fall right around the corner, it’s important to keep up the healthy lifestyle you developed right before that tropical trip you spent four days a week preparing for in the gym.

Americans typically have difficulty transitioning their workout habits from one season to another. Those morning runs at the crack of dawn turn into runs in completely darkness if done at the same time as usual. With some not having the ability to be flexible with their work schedules, doing those same workouts can become challenging but it’s important to plan a schedule to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Considering some may be uncomfortable with being confined to a gym for their workouts, the American Council on Exercise encourages outdoor workouts as long as certain precautions are made to avoid hypothermia. Below are several tips that will help keep you in shape year-round while maintaining a productive exercise schedule.

  1. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need several layers on to stay warm. It’s actually best to not wear too many layers, as it can create too much sweating and moisture, possible resulting in hypothermia. According to the Boston Globe, the first layer that touches your skin should be a lightweight synthetic or polyester material, which will dry quickly and absorb moisture. The second layers should be wool or fleece and the outer layer should be lighter weight and water repellent to help you stay dry.
  2. Wearing a hat is also an important tip to prevent sickness. Fifty percent of body heat is lost from an uncovered head when the temperatures hit freezing marks. Wearing a hat allow your body to retain heat.
  1. A face mask or scarf should be considered in frigid conditions to add another layer of protection over your skin. A loose layer over your nose and mouth can also warm frigid air before inhaling, which will protect your lungs.
  1. Having something warm to come back home to is always a plus. The healthiest thing to do in order to warm up once you get home is to have a cup of tea. Pennie’s Tea has several options that are great for drinking after fall and winter workouts, including our Peach Apricot, Cho-co-late Mint and Just Peachy Ginger Peach flavored teas.