According to the Tea Association of the United States, Americans consumed well over 79 billion servings of tea, or over 3.60 billion gallons in 2012. Close to 84 percent of all tea consumed was Black Tea, 15 percent was Green Tea, and a small remaining amount was Oolong and White Tea.

Tea consumption is expected to increase over the next several years, as total sales have already increased more than 16 percent over the last five years. Most Americans are aware of the health benefits being offered through tea and are making tea a part of their daily consumption.

In addition to being aware of the health benefits of tea, Americans are opting for healthier diets This was made evident by McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain, posting its worst monthly U.S. sales decline in more than a decade. Being health conscious is now cool and Americans are reaping the benefits.

Considering Black Tea has proven to be the most popular among Americans, let’s examine some benefits of consuming the healthy drink.

  1. In research from 2009, it was found that individuals who consume three or more cups of tea had a 21 percent lower risk of a stroke than people who consume less than one cup of green or black tea per day.
  2. Black tea has been suggested to also improve the health of bones and lower the probability of developing arthritis due to the phytochemicals found as one of the ingredients.
  3. Research conducted of elderly people in the Mediterranean islands discovered people who had been consuming Black Tea on a long-term basis on a moderate level had a 70 percent lower chance of having or developing type 2 diabetes.
  4. Studies have also found that black tea reduces the amount of plaque formation, in addition to restricting bacteria growth the leads to the formation of cavities and tooth decays.
  5. Most Americans experiment with some way to increase their energy over their lifetime. Little did we know that Black Tea, which has a relatively low amount of caffeine content, enhances blood flow to the brain without over-stimulating the heart, increasing energy.

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