School days for your children are right around the corner with most starting the day after Labor Day. Occasionally, kids need a boost to get excited about the school year and incorporating our tea products would be the perfect way.

Hosting a tea party for your child is a perfect way to get them excited about the upcoming school year and few of our products would be a great method of getting the party started. Below are a couple of products on our website and a few ideas that will give your kids the start they need to make it a productive school year.

On the website, there are several tea set options to choose from that you can pair with your favorite products. One of our most popular for kids continues to be the Yummy Berry Tea, which is caffeine free mixture of wild berry currant and fruity, tending sweet with a slight tart character. While the flavor included in the product caters to kids, adults have also been prone to enjoy the taste of the mixture when brewed correctly.

Another popular product for kids is the bubble gum tea, which is a caffeine free mixture of caramel with strawberry and lemon character that creates a tasty sensation. This product is guaranteed to make your tea party a hit, as most kids prefer a flavor they can identify with.

The last product available for children on our website is the bumble fruit combination, which contains apple, rosehip, orange pieces, hibiscus, cornflower, rose petals, blackberry leaves and natural flavors. After steeping a cup of this tea, you’ll have an extra boost of energy also, making this a healthy alternative to most beverages kids consume in school.