about pennies teas bottled teas loose leaf teasAbout Pennies Tea’s Bottled Teas and Loose Leaf Tea’s

In a small suburb outside of Chicago, a father looked at his newborn daughter and thought, “She is so small, she reminds me of a penny.” He chose to call his daughter Pennie and the endearing name carries on throughout the story of this brand. Pennie grew up to become a well-educated and successful professor, wife, and mother. However, Pennie divorced her husband and found herself in an abusive relationship. One day, Pennie woke up and looked at the woman in the mirror.

She could not believe that this talented and successful woman allowed herself to become a victim. Pennie decided to take action and sought safety in a women’s domestic violence shelter for she and her daughter. The stress of the abuse caused Pennie to have health issues; one of those issues was IBS. Pennie decided that she did not want to bog her body down with prescriptions and dove deep into the education of holistic medicine.

Pennie completed many courses and certifications and developed a line of teas that started with a detox tea. She then expanded her brand portfolio to include bottled beverages. Her ability to develop bursting flavors that explode in the mouth’s of her customers aligns with the needs of her customers to have a reaction based on excitement. After establishing herself as a “Tea Mixologist” and sharing her teas with the world, Pennie found that lives were changing based on customer feedback. Pennie’s Tea to date has distribution in grocery and restaurants throughout Chicago.

She also actively volunteers at the domestic violence shelter that changed the lives of she and her daughter. Pennie dreams of gaining enough proceeds through the sale of Pennie’s Tea products to help the domestic violence shelter continue to expand to add an additional wing and thrive. Currently, a percentage of sales go to back to the domestic violence shelter.  Some proceeds go to help domestic violence shelters


about pennies teas bottled teas loose leaf teas